the legacy of reading and identity

My thoughts on Susan Stryker’s “My Words to Victor Frankenstein above the Village of Chamounix: Performing Transgender Rage,” a trans reading of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.


a warm welcome.

…Is this thing on? Oh, hello. If you’re reading this, congrats! You’ve found your way to novelost.com (“novelost” is a hodge-podge word I made up when I was twelve; it has no absolute meaning but I’ve had my claws sunken into it for long enough). I’m writing this message to welcome you to my websiteContinue reading “a warm welcome.”

a brief update

I am very pleased to announce that I’ve been accepted as a regular contributor to Medium’s publication Gender from the Trenches! My essay about top surgery, “Standing on the Precipice of Myself,” is featured today on the front page! More to come soon. —M.